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We are a home church in Lynden, WA. We are an officially recognized Assemblies of God church. The dream and vision of New Legacy Lynden is multiplication of home churches throughout Whatcom County. We meet on Thursday nights for a shared meal, teaching, fellowship and prayer.

Our Pastor

Anh Johnson

Lead Vision/Teaching Pastor


Education: Biblical Literature Degree from Northwest University

Credentials: Ordained with the Assemblies of God in 2015. Affiliated since 2010.

Family: Married to Riley Johnson since 2011.

We have two daughters: Kairee Grace (born 2012) & Kenzie Joy (born 2013)

Our Parent Church's Pastor

Thomas Duchmein

Lead Pastor of Gateway Fellowship in Poulsbo, WA

Gateway Fellowship is our parent church. So what does that mean? It means we are not a church plant without a spiritual covering. New Legacy Lynden is a PAC (Parent-Affiliated Church) with the Assemblies of God. Tom mentors our lead pastor, Anh and the team of New Legacy Lynden. He has over 30 years of ministry experience, an outward mission minded team, and is passionate about raising up the next generation of pastors.

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New Legacy Lynden Logo FINALS

Our Story on How We Landed in Lynden!

In 2016, the Lord called us to go north. Riley and I (Anh) believed that Bellingham was the north. We sold our house in Everett, WA 9 days after confirming this call to go and we went north. The real estate market was absolutely crazy during this season. We had to make the decision of how much financial margin we wanted in our lives. I stepped down from an associate pastoral position at a church in Mill Creek, WA and Riley works at Costco in Marysville, WA. We decided that the best decision was to move to Lynden because the cost of living was lower and it was closer to Riley's family. For nights, I would weep about living in Lynden because I never saw myself ministering in a small city surrounded with open fields. I always ministered in urban areas. I could not fathom why we would live so far from a major city but we knew that the Lord told us to go north.

Fast forward to current time and we are in love with Lynden! We started gathering people in our home in September 2019 because for house church. We dream of a day where there will be a house church that meets every day of the week at different locations and times.

Our dream is to gather people, help each other grow in faith and each of our go out in our communities to love people well. Our logo is a windmill to honor the rich Dutch heritage of our town. There is a cross in the middle to remind us that Christ must remain in the center of our church and our lives. The deep yellow represents the incredible fields surrounding our town. Lastly, the deep blue and maroon represents the awesome fact that Lynden produces the majority of the world's berries!

We would love to have you join us at home church! Feel free to email if you have any questions or want to meet me for coffee at Woods on Front St. My treat!

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